Moving nagios from physical server to virtual


We have Nagios® 3.0.6 installed on physical Dell server monitoring about 40 other Windows And Linux servers on our network. Now the Nagios server part that was located on physical Dell server needs to be moved to VIRTUAL SERVER (the main OS that houses virtual machines being Red Hat and the VIRTUAL OS being Ubuntu). My questions are: can the nagios server part be moved from physical server, will it work on virtual and HOW TO MOVE IT FROM FROM PHYSICAL TO VIRTUAL. Is it as simple as installing Nagios server part on Virtual Machine and then moving the configuration files from original nagios server to the virtual nagios server installation? I would think that the nagios plug ins on the hosts that are being monitored by nagious server would not need to be changed. Any help would be really appreciated, well I guess my job is kind of on the line so if there is any one that can through some info at me it would really help.


I dont’ think there should be any problems… IF you keep the same IP address for the server. If you change the IP address for the server the configuraiton files for the remote hosts might need to be changed to reflect the address change.
Even updating to a different version shouldn’t be a problem as the last config file change was from 2.x to 3.x…


Generally speaking, most Virtual Hosts (VMWare, Hyper-V) have a utility specifically built to take a physical box and migrate it automatically to a virtual box. We used it on our Nagios box and it worked flawlessly.

VMWare Converter:
Converts VMWare Images to Hyper-V Format: … ntry8.aspx


Hi, at work, they want me to move nagios from a physical server to a virtual one. (And i dont really want to)
Are there any advantages running nagios on Physical Server and disadvantages running it in a virtual one?

Our Nagios monitors around 140 servers 130 routers and around 2500 services, also runs other software like nagvis/mysql/rancid/cacti



Ok, I have the answer to this one. You have no idea of pros or cons but you dont want to do it.
Conclusion, do as you are told.