Moving Nagios from server to new server?


Hello I have been having a little bit of an issue trying to migrate our nagios from one server to the other. The old server (active Nagios) is running 2.0.6 and has the cfg files the new server I just installed Nagios 3.0.3 and thats where it is at for now.

Then I have a test PC that I have been trying to piece nagios together since I never worked with it before now. I copied all the cfg files and did some basic editing to get it to send email alerts. The problem is all its monitoring is UP/DOWN’s with PING. Even the server it self… which it use to monitor HTTP, SSH, Current Users, Total Processes, as well (from the quick install guide). I understand it because the cfg files are not the same, the old server is monitoring HTTP, Disk Space, and Load.

I would expect it would still work with testing the HTTP. Are the only config files that need to be moved the nagios.cfg and what ever files it points to?