MPEG Live Stream Monitoring


Hello @all,

do have somedy a check script to monitor a mpeg live stream?
I’m very thankfull for everyposting here … It should be used for IPTV monitoring.



What about the stream do you want to be able to monitor?

Anywhos, I’m not familiar with any plugin that does that, though it’s probably worth a search in the NagiosExchange.

Also, you might be able to write your own plugin to do that. Check the Nagios docs and they’ll point you in the right direction.


What I would like to do is to monitor many IPTV Streams (multicast):
1.Freezed Picture
2. Black Picture
3. Audio availability
4. Video (Mpeg4 h.264 AVC) quality
5. Packet jitter

It is like a small packet analyzer and nothing like this found in NagiosExchange.

Thanks for all Informations


It might be more productive if you find a forum supporting the mpeg live system (whatever that is (url?)) and ask them "can I write a script which outputs a simple status string based on 1. Freezed Picture, 2. Black Picture …?

If you get a reasonable answer, then you should be able to write a plugin for Nagios. You haven’t said whether it runs on Linux, Unix, Windows or something else?

Can the system you’re talking about support SNMP? If so you might be able to use check_snmp to get some simple (or even not so simple) status information from it.