MRTG with Nagios


Hi all. I’m trying to get MRTG integrated with Nagios and honestly, I really have no idea where to start. I’ve already read through the documentation and followed the steps, but MRTG is still only showing one graph for the network interface. Any help would be great!


i suspect it’s easier to do the opposite… :stuck_out_tongue:

or use nagiosgraph or some other graphing utility to be integrated in nagios… nagios+ mrtg is quite a task, i rember a friend wokring on it over a year and he wasn’t satisfied of it as far as i remember.

PLus you’d need to update everything by hand each time anything get’s updated in the nagios sources… :expressionless:


TOPIC ABANDONED. Thanks for the advice :wink:


if you have a couple of minutes it would be interesting to know why you abandoned it…

Thanks. Luca