Multi-step HTTP Monitor


I am new to Nagios (do not even have it installed yet) and I am trying to determine if it will meet my needs BEFORE I procure all the necessary hardware. Specifically I want to know if has the capability to do multi-step HTTP Monitors. For instance, go to a web-page, login with username/password, look for specific content, etc.

Essentially I am looking for a free and open source alternative to Sitescope and am particularly interested in replacing Sitescope’s URL Sequence monitors. From I can tell, it looks like the nagios core is the only free version. Would this be sufficient to replace URL Sequence monitors in SS? Am I able to expand on the core or would I have to use it as is? If the core is not sufficient for this, what could I expect for pricing?

This would be for an enterprise level solution with possibly 2000+ monitors.



Hi jbauman,

This is exactly what i wanted to do aswell, but i haven’t gotten around to do it. So now is a good time to start :slight_smile: I did a search on google for chain monitoring and found:
Maybe that is something you can use, I will test it myself aswell but that can take some time as i am quite busy with other stuff too.


Thanks Qwaz. let me know how it goes… I installed webinject today and have been having little luck getting my test cases to work