Multiple devices


I have a setup where I have colubris devices with antennas etc behind them. I need to monitor the devices behind the colubris for up status. I set it up with the antennas etc as children of the colubris device. Current solution monitors the sub devices via tcp on ports 9001 9002 etc. I set up the sub devices with check_tcp!9001 etc in switches config file. They say up on the map but check_tcp service status nis pending on them. I can check tcp as well as check http on the sub devices with the -p in the command from a command line and get proper results but status is always pending in the web gui. From command line if I have it check a port that does not have a sub device listening on it, it will come back down but in the web gui if I do the same, it comes back as being up.
Any ideas?
My setup is nagios v3.0.6
centos 5.3
The machine has cpanel/whm installed so apache is not in typical location. I had to compensate for that and adjust accordingly when installing/setting up nagios.