Multiple maps


Anybody knows, how to make multiple statusmaps. I want to divide into parts all my network using Nagios 1.2.
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Multiple status maps?
Install nagiosmap on your central nagios server, and make the status map look any way you wish it to look.
But you will then have one status map only. Not multiple ones.
But simply create a user that is a contact for the “net1” and user2 is a contact for “net2” and so on. Now, login to the nagios website as user2 and he/she sees ONLY what you want them to see, even on the status map.
Remember, one status map shows everything, but 2 contacts can have 2 different looks or views of the network. That is exactly how I have it. I don’t want some people to see EVERYTHING, so they are only a contact for SOME hosts/services.


OK, it seems to work. So, is there’s a way to login from one host with different usernames/passwords?


You mean log in simultaneously with more than one username?


Yes. I want to monitor multiple maps (lan1, Lan2,…) in one browser.


I fail to see the reason to look at the maps for any period of time. When a service check fails, you won’t see a single thing in the status map.
If you have to, open one map with firefox, the other with mozilla, the other with …