Multiple perf data commands


Is it possible to have performance data processed by more than one command? (like if you want to have more than one graphing utility handle the perf data).


Sure, in miscommands for your
command_name service-perf-data-handler
make the
command_line = some_script
that some_script would then be something like:
/usr/local/nagios/nagiostat/nagiostat -p “$LASTSERVICECHECK$|!!|$HOSTNAME$|!!|$SERVICEDESC$|!!|$SERVICESTATE$|!!|$SERVICEOUTPUT$|!!|$SERVICEPERFDATA$”

/usr/local/nagios/nagiostat_test/nagiostat -p “$LASTSERVICECHECK$|!!|$HOSTNAME$|!!|$SERVICEDESC$|!!|$SERVICESTATE$|!!|$SERVICEOUTPUT$|!!|$SERVICEPERFDATA$”


PS, doing so, is going to impact your Central nagios server and I fail to see what that is going to accomplish, having 2 graphs to look at, for the same exact data.
It would be much better to define in nagiostat 2 graphing methods, if all you want is a different look.