Munin graph contains gaps

Hi All, If you could give me an idea regarding this issue I would be very appreciated. Symptoms:

  1. Centos 6.5
  2. munins node version: 2.0.25
  3. Disk usage contains gaps in the statistic on the first level
  4. But after zooming into the same graph gaps disappear:

How to get read of this issue? It seems that it appears on the very first level of presentation, after drill down it is not visible any more.Did anybody experience something similar?

I have checked munin-update.log, there are no any issues related to the monitored node.

Works ok from CLI:

fetch df
_dev_mapper_vg_root_lv_root.value 73.9087206168549
_dev_shm.value 0
_dev_sda1.value 11.626838670569
_dev_mapper_vg_data_lv_data.value 11.1503384548587

Thank You in advance!