My first ever passive check


Hello hello!

This is, as stated, my first ever passive check.
I need a kick in the right direction.
My nagios server is working fine for active checks, directly connected on the same net, or with VPNs.
However when i try to activate passive checks i cant get it to work, and im trying to figure out what i need to do to get it working. THe server i want to look at is located on a remote location behind a firewall.
I have tried to read the documentation over and over, but i still feel like im mentally retarded…So i need someone to guide me, or maybe even a template? :slight_smile:
I’d even go so far that my company could compensate for the time helping me, not a guarantee though :wink:

What I have done is:

  • Install a client and enabling passive checks on both the server and host. (Nsclient++)
  • Set the right IP address.
  • Installed NSCA on the server.
  • Opened up the firewall on both sides.

What i havn’t done is:

  • I havn’t created a passive check hostfile, nor service check, i have no idea how to create one, what parameters to use?
  • Set a password on either client or server (is that necessary? I have set allowed IPs only)


you read the docs, have you had a look at this post?