My user network strange problems occur


Sorry for my poor english and grammar, hope you can figure out waht i mean. I guess it is a problem of wireshark.
Access method: an outside line into the building basement room of the Cisco 35. 50 three-tier exchange, and then from 3550 to wear to the 4-layer cable sharp shaft of the Czech Republic two switches, then the switch from the Ruijie mouth and a third cable line to fight property on the patch panel (hit 8-core), and then hit the level of the user inside a module, and then from the module, then a cable to the user rooms, access to a D-Link broadband router, the user is 4M bandwidth, using IP for public network interconnection, the upper route point configured in B1 of the 3550, the speed limit configured in four layers Ruijie switch (port speed limits up and down each side 4096000bit, unexpected value of 128,000)
Recent users frequently encountered network interruptions, and sometimes look at the client to restart the router or switch port to the top of Ruijie shutdown can look it over and then no shutdown recovery, sometimes self-healing, broken network traffic when the user is not, in the 200K or so, checked Users within the network will also be found viruses and Trojan horses, view the top port status is not a small number of CRC anomalies, the user after the interruption can be seen in the top of the switch where the port and protocol are DOWN before, in the first two of another user on the network there is no problem, in the previous four-layer replacement is used in two-H3C 3100, in order to exclude the issue of this switch to replace the new Ruijie, user-good for some time, about two months, recently began to appear that the question of whether, and F jumper in the property level?
Want to network expert to help me think about this problem may be the reason.