Mysql.h No such file or directory



Nagios 2.7 installed , trying to install nagios plugins 1.4.6.
I run configure ok with no options, but when I try and run make I receive an error on
check_mysql.c:51:19:error: mysql.h: No such file or directory

Am I missing an option? I would like to have nagios compiled with mysql support and actually read and log to a database, but this is my first time messing with it, so I went for a basic install from source on Fedora Core 6 SE with a standard kernel. Many thanks.



had the same problem
i think mysql-devel.i386 is not installed, it contains the mysql h and other lib files
check if mysql.h is there
locate mysql.h
if none
yum install mysql-devel.i386
then see if it can make