Nagios 1.2 => 2.10 : CPU usage and latency?


Hi all!

In my company, we are currently testing nagios 2.10 in order to replace our good old 1.2 (for various reasons, we’d really like to upgrade).
But our last tests indicate that the CPU consumption is much higher than with nagios 1.2; could anyone confirm or deny this statement with their experience ?

Also, with only 300 tests on an instance of nagios, we get a high latency (between 10 and 60sec on average …), whereas with the same tests on the same server with 1.2, the latency is ~0. These tests are done using the “smart” option on all the settings for delays and scheduling.
Has anyone reported the same results ? or we may have a problem with our new configuration …

Thanks for your feedback:
we do not really want to go from a rather good implementation of nagios 1.2 to an uncertain one with nagios 2.10 :slight_smile: