Nagios 1.x


I installed nagios, verified that apache was working, verified nagios was alright by typing nagios -V nagios.cfg
I then tried to run nagios ./nagios and then every went wrong.
Now my apaches server does not work.
Please help me.
What is the purpose of service-dependencies.
Using Nagios 1.X with the latest CVS


don’t use the CVS if you’re not sure, get a stable version and try again. If Apache locked possibly you restarted it without having a nagios log directory? (that’s what stops my installs every time i make them) :smiley:



Thank you very much.
I have used minimal.cfg, i run nagios with -v option, every thing is good. When i go to the web-interface, it does not work - error-404. please help


404 is page not found. Apache is most probably wrong configured or you used the wrong options while using the ./configure command (but i doubt this as it is used mostly by the cgis).
I’d start by checking the httpd.conf file part of the nagios documentation…



Sounds like luca has given you the best suggestion, httpd instructions for nagios. But did you fix it masters28 and what was it that was broke? Enquiring minds…bla bla… hehe