Nagios 2.0b2 ./configure script working faulty


Have any of you had this problem? I’m running nagios-1.0.b6 on the FreeBSD box for almost a year now and recently I wondered if I should upgrade to 2.0 I finaly decided to do so but there is a little problem with the ./configure script. I gave it a list of prefixes to set while installing because they are a bit different on the FreeBSD than on linux and I didn’t want to go with the default but after make and install I found out that only one prefix was used and the rest was ommited. I can live with that but was wondering have you had this problem too. Her’s my line if you’d like to check it:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/etc/nagios2 --with-cgiurl=/usr/local/share/nagios2 --with-htmurl=/usr/local/share/nagios2 --with-nagios-user=nagios --with-nagios-group=nagios --with-command-group=nagiocmd


i think --with-htmurl should be what you want AFTER the hostname/ if you want anything…
–with-cgiurl is the same so it should probably be only /cgi-bin
at least that’s what i did installing 2.0b2



Correct Luca, to lessen the complexity of your command line, just mnake it like this.:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/etc/nagios2
All the rest will automatically get the “nagios2” added to them. For example
your html url will become localhost/nagios2


Ok so how do I uninstall what was allready installed to install it back configured like you wrote? Normaly when I install stuff on FreeBSD by pkg_add I can pkg_delete, but this was a linux like install so it’s not listed in installed pakages (pkg_info)


just relaunch configure, make, make install etc, everything should be overwritten except the config files.