Nagios 2.11 Available



Nagios 2.11 has just been released and can be obtained from:

The 2.11 release includes fixes for bugs that were found in the 2.10
release. Here are the changes made since 2.10…

2.11 - 03/12/2008
* Better error logging when failing to rename/move files
* Possible fix for Unicode html encoding errors in CGIs
* Fix for encoding HTML characters in CGIs
* Fix for a potential cross site scripting vulnerability in the CGIs
* Fix for a bug with processing service dependency templates with null
master host(group) names
* Fix for a possible memory leak in situations where overflow occurs in
check result buffer
* Fix for segfault in event broker module code
* Fix for cfg_dir directive not working on Solaris
* Fix for flap detection information not be retained across restarts
* Patch to allow non-ASCII characters in notifications, etc.

FYI, Nagios 3.0 stable will be released by weeks end.

Ethan Galstad
Nagios Developer