Nagios 2.6 Released


[html]Now that the (U.S.) Thanksgiving holiday is over and the tryptophan has finally worn off, its time for a new Nagios release! Nagios 2.6 can be downloaded from:

There are several bugs that were fixed since the 2.5 release (see below for Changelog entries), so I’d recommend upgrading if you’re running Nagios 2.x. Enjoy!

Nagios 2.6 Changelog
* Fix for unscheduled triggered downtime entries
* Fix for embedded audio in tac and status CGIs
* Fixed bug in nagiostats utility when reporting host/service check latency
* Misc code cleanups for compiler warnings
* Fixed error when reading empty (zero byte) config files
* Default is now to check for orphaned service checks (Francois Caen)
* Fixed bug with non-standard CGI config file location in status data (Carson Gaspar)
* Fixed bugs and simplified examples in sample config files (Mark Young)

On a side note, I should be catching up on patches, etc. submitted to the nagios-devel list over the next week. I’ve had a busier-than-usual inbox as of late, so its taking some extra time to dig out. :frowning:

Ethan Galstad,
Nagios Developer