Nagios 2 with MySql support


Hi all.

In this version of Nagios 2 on the documentation is written:

Native DB Support Dropped - Native support for storing various types of data (status, retention,
comment, downtime, etc.) in MySQL and PostgreSQL has been dropped. Stop whining. I expect
someone will develop an alternative using the new event broker sometime in the near future.
Besides, DB support was not well implemented and dropping native DB support will make things
easier for newbies to understand (one less thing to figure out).

I’m quite new to Nagios but I know that in the last version (1.:evil: the integration with MySql was quite easy.

Have someone an idea to integrate MySql with Nagios 2.x?
Have someone a good doc?

Thanks a lot…


Now I found this:

Anything else?


if you are new to nagios and your system works as you like it…
stay on 1.x…

“never touch a running system” :slight_smile:



From the above reponses, there does not seem to be built in support for Nagios 2. Does anyone know if Nagios 2.5 support mysql as an add on option, how can I add mysql support in? Thanks.


No it’s not a simple addon. But I have seen a few posts about scripts that parse the log files and insert the data to db. Use the search forum feature and maybe you can find it.