Nagios 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 sometimes segment faulting on OpenBSD


I am not entirely sure how to trouble shoot this - so any advice would be welcome on moving forward.

I have compiled from the 3.0.2 source onto a new OpenBSD 4.3 box.

Now, the strange thing is that it does not segment fault everytime. I can run it a few times in a row and it is fine, and if it does start, it does not die after that. It seems to only be with startup.

Now, it does it for nagios -v config.cfg and for nagios config.cfg

It also does it for the cgi programs… It displays as an Internal server error, but if I fire those off from the command line, I get the segmentation fault.

I’ve compiled it with the following options.

./configure --datadir=/var/www/nagios

The strangest part is the intermitten nature of the not always segment faulting. From observation it seems that it happens more often with the more hosts / services I add. When I only had a few it would only do it occassionally - in fact starting nagios did not do it for awhile, but the cgi seemed to represent the problem. Now it has come to take 5 or more tries in a row to get through the segment fault.

I’ve set the core dump option on, and did not notice one being dropped, and the logs show nothing…

I am at a loss for where to go from here…


BTW - I have also turned up debugging all the way and nothing was done there.

I also just (for the first time got it dying at another spot)

Does all its loading and checking… then…

Warning: Host ‘verizon-fac-router’ has no services associated with it!
Warning: Host ‘verizon-fow-router’ has no services associated with it!
Warning: Host ‘worxserver’ has no services associated with it!
Caught SIGSEGV, shutting down…

Normally if it spits out the warnings it has always been good after that. Now that has gone away and now we are back to just plain old segmentation faults for a few tries and then up and working


Why did you not use the package…
3.02 is on -current…
I have one box up and running without issue…