Nagios 3.0.1 Web Interface Showing Duplicate Config Data


Not sure if its a bug or an implementation error on my part… but for some reason when I look at the curring running config using the Web UI, nagios shows duplicates of all the host/service/contacts/etc info. Currently its only running the sample configs that are part of the install.

Granted, its not creating any problems in terms of functionality, but is this normal behaviour?

I’ve followed the Quickstart install guide on ubuntu 7.10 server.


You could verify the Nagios configuration and see if there are any warnings or so in the configuration:
/usr/local/nagios/bin/nagios -v /usr/local/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg

Check the Nagios log also. Maybe you’ve accidently put both the config files and config folders for nagios to check when starting. Check that also in nagios.cfg

I’m not sure if that could be a problem, haven’t experienced it. Just a wild geuss. Try and see, hope it will help.


I am seeing the same issue on a production install which was upgraded from Nagios 2.x.
I’ve done a Nagios verification (no errors) and also a Nagios restart (no error messages in the log).
It appears to be a reporting issue via the web “configuration” page. I see duplicates for services, contacts, contact goups hosts and probably the rest of the objects. Monitoring functionality does not appear to be affected.


Thanks Albin, I tried verifying the config and it checked out fine. I’ve run Nagios 2.x for a long time and have had no problems with it… This is a test box now, I decided its time to take 3.x for a spin and prepare to upgrade to it.

mshales, I’m finding the same… all other functionality seems okay, its just the web cgi that acting funny.


I just did a clean install of 3.0.1, following the quick-install guide, and have exact the same issue, everything seems to work fine, but when viewing the configuration from within the webinterface, all records are shown twice!


I checked on the Nagios Development forums and it appears that this issue has been identified and resolved. I think the fix will be included in the next stable release. It was checked into the CVS tree so if you are brave… I will live with the duplicates until the next stable version is released.


Thanks for the update mshales!


aaahhh!! Thanks mshales!


V 3.0.2 is available for download, I did the upgrade, without any issues, and the duplicate rows are gone!


V 3.0.2 is available for download, I did the upgrade, without any issues, and the duplicate rows are gone!