Nagios 3.0 alpha upgrade help!


Hi there,

I’m trying to follow the guide here for the upgrade process: … l#nagios3x

when I run:

./configure --with-command-group=nagcmd

it’s telling me that it will be installing the files to /usr/local/nagios but the guy who setup the installation have it installed at:

cd /usr/local/web/nagios

can someone please tell me where to change the config so that it will upgrade to the correct path? Am I doing this correctly by following the guide? Thanks!



add this option to your ./configure command:

this should work :slight_smile:

the command “./configure --help” may be useful too :wink:


that worked!! you’re awesome, thanks so much!


I have another quick question if you don’t mind! I have previously setup audio alerts for server and service down, however ever since the upgrade the audio alert has been missing. Can anyone tell me what config file I need to look into or how to get audio alert back up and running? Thanks!


Assuming you’re not talking about voice synth, find this in cgi.cgi…

[code]# Note: All audio files must be placed in the /media subdirectory

under the HTML path (i.e. /usr/local/nagios/share/media/).





I have the same cgi.cfg from the same installation and I have verified that it’s already setup correctly with the proper notification. The HTML path is setup correctly as well and I’ve verified that the WAV file exists. Is there any other reason why it won’t be playing the audio? Thanks again!


er… are the speakers plugged in? :cry:

Seriously though… that’s about the size of it. If you view source from your browser on your status.cgi page you should see

<object type="application/wav" data="/nagios/media/noproblem.wav" height="-" width="0"><param name="filename" value="/nagios/media/noproblem.wav"><param name="autostart" value="1"><param name="playcount" value="1"></object><P>

or whatever wav file you have set to play under the current condition…

You getting that (or similar)?




Wouldn’t the path be /nagios/share/media? That’s the path where I have the files at. Thanks again!


depends how you’ve set up your URL configuration…

# This is the path where the HTML files for Nagios reside.  This
# value is used to locate the logo images needed by the statusmap
# and statuswrl CGIs.
# This is the path portion of the URL that corresponds to the
# physical location of the Nagios HTML files (as defined above).
# This value is used by the CGIs to locate the online documentation
# and graphics.  If you access the Nagios pages with an URL like
#, this value should be '/nagios'
# (without the quotes).

So your physical_html_path is replaced by your url_html_path when web pages are “written”. Thus, if your phys path is /foo/bar and your url path is /nagios, you’d put the files in /foo/bar/media/ and it’d still appear as /nagios/media on the web page. Hope that clears things up for you