Nagios 3.0a2 released



Nagios 3.0a2 - the second alpha release of Nagios 3 - has just been 
released. Its still alpha quality, so don’t replace your production
installation with this quite yet. You can download the latest release from

SourceForge seems to be having intermittent problems today, so you might
have to try a few times before you can successfully download the new

Here are the changes that were made since 3.0a1…

3.0a2 - 03/27/2007
* Added warning about aggregate_status_updates directive being deprecated.
* Added new “p” option to host/service_perfdata_file_mode directives for
* Fix for incorrect performance data file write/append mode options
* Regular expression matching in object config files now also triggered
by ‘+’ and ‘.’
* Added support for extended regular expression matching in object
config files
* Fix for incorrect processing of y_2d coordinates for host objects in
statusmap layout
* Fix for current status of hosts with no check command defined
* SIGSEGV signals should now be logged again (broken in 3.0a1)
* Added warning for invalid temp_path directory
* Documentation bug fixes and updates

Ethan Galstad,
Nagios Developer

Email: nagios