Nagios 3.0a4 and Windows 2003 server


Hello, I have just installed Nagios 3.0a4 onto a SLES 10 server, and I have downloaded the agent and installed it onto the Win2k3 server, created the configuration file for the server (win2k3), and restarted Nagios now having two hosts when I restart. However, after it cycles through the time (90 seconds) I see that the 'Service Detail" screen reports back that the ‘Connection Refused’ from the Windows server. It does have the correct address under the name ‘winserver’ that I gave it, and I can ping the server from the Linux box, by doing a normal ping, however still cannot get the machine to see it’s Windows server. Also reading through the instructions on the Windows server I’m supposed to see a yellow circle with a black M if everything was installed correctly, I do not see that on my windows server, is there anything else I can do on the windows box to ensure that it is running correctly, besides of course the ‘services manager’. Thanks



I think you need to uncomment the .dll section of the .ini file for the NSClient++, and make sure the allowed hosts is correct also. After doing that and starting the systray dll you should see that in the system tray. At least on XP… I haven’t gotten that to work on 2003 Server.