Nagios 3.0b5 Available



Nagios 3.0b5 has just been released and can be downloaded from:

The Changelog of differences from beta 4 are below…

3.0b5 - 10/08/2007
* Minor bug fix in CSS files
* Bug fix in sample config files
* Fix for recovery notifications not being sent out when
first_notification_delay option used in host/service defin
* Fix for ochp commands not running properly
* Special additive inheritance rule: escalation contact(group)(s) that
begin with ‘+’ will now inherit from associ
ated host/service definition if not inheriting from another escalation
* Status file is no longer deleted during restarts due to a SIGHUP or
external command
* Improvement in service flap detection logic
* Added additional_freshness_latency config file directive
* Improvements in freshness check logic
* Temporarily removed $SERVICEGROUPMEMBERS$ macro, as it was causing
crashes for some users (this need further inve
* Added $EVENTSTARTTIME$ macro to indicate time Nagios started
processing events (checks, etc.)
* Added use_pending_states option to CGI config file to determine
displayed state of hosts/services that have not b
een checked
* Workaround to prevent browsers from incorrectly using cached statusmap
image on page refresh
* Fix for incorrect latency calculations for passive host/service checks
* Added passive check latency stats to nagiostats
* Added support for relative paths in config_file and config_dir directives
* Fix for compile error under Solaris

I look forward to seeing all of you who are attending the NETWAYS Nagios
Konferenz in Nuremberg, Germany later this week. Here’s hoping my
luggage arrives with me this time around. :frowning:

Ethan Galstad,
Nagios Developer