Nagios 3.0rc1 Released



Nagios 3.0rc1 - the first candidate for a stable 3.0 release - is now 
available and can be downloaded from:

A number of bug fixes were made since the beta 7 release, so upgrade
when you get a chance and give the new version a try.

Here is the Changelog since 3.0b7…

3.0rc1 - 12/17/2007
* Fixed bug where status log was left after a restart with faulty config
* Fix for compilation bug on systems that don’t support setenv() (e.g.
* Support for line continuation/breaks in config files - end lines with
one backslash () to continue on next line
* Fixed bug with not deleting old check result files that contained
results for invalid host/service
* Fixed bug with init script option to check Nagios config
* Auto-filled comment/author fields for acknowledging problems through
WAP interface
* Fixed bug with processing of CONTACTGROUPNAMES, NOTES, NOTESURL, and
* Doc fix regarding soft state dependencies
* Fix for segfault in event broker module code

Happy Holidays!

Ethan Galstad
Nagios Developer