Nagios 3.2.1 - Notification Issue


Good evening.

I seem to have a frustrating issue where by my services/hosts keep re-notifting every few minutes, even though I believe I have set my configs only to alert once.
If I put an example up please could some one check to ensure I have not made a mistake, or misunderstood the config.


define host {
host_name example
alias example
display_name example
use example-host
register 1

In my example-host HOST TEMPLATE the notification period has been tried at 0 and 999999, however I still seem to get alerts every few minutes unless aknowledged.

I have this for local services too, which I assume is linked.
What am I missing.



service notifcations are different than host notifications. try a period of 60 and see if you get a notification every hour.
Check that you don’t have more than one instance of nagios running. stop nagios, run ‘ps -ef | grep nagios’ and checkj you don’t have any nagios processes running, use kill if required, start nagios.