Nagios and monitor veritas backup exec


Hi folks…

Has anyone tried to monitor backup exec. And how…??

As i can see backup exec is only supporting snmp traps.



I’m also trying to setup the same thing.

Did you manage to get it to work, or does anyone else know what’s involved in getting it to function properly?


still have to do it.
Have you thought about introducing a SNMP EXEC function? this is how i check postfix queues… should work here too with the right script :slight_smile:

any ideas welcome :slight_smile:



What about running a cron job that grabs
\server\c$\Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT\Data\BEX*.txt

and then does a
for d in find /tmp/BEX*.txt -mtime -1
cat $d|grep "Job completion status"

Of course… you would then need to write a custom plugin to return result back to nagios. That is on my todo list.


As said above you don’t need a custom plugin, just use an snmp-exec to a shell script which "cat"s your scripts output and returns it into a personalized OID which you fetch with check_snmp.
Have this on the timetable tomorrow… :slight_smile: (only to check the number of available tapes for each pool and the tape units status… but maybe it could help)