[Nagios-announce] Nagios Core 3.3.1 Released


Nagios Core 3.3.1 has just been released and can be downloaded from:


Thanks to all the contributors who helped with some nice code and fixes!
Changelog is below.

- Ethan Galstad

3.3.1 - 07/25/2011


  • Added support for same host service dependencies with servicegroups (Mathieu Gagné)
  • Empty hostgroups referenced from services now optionally generate a warning instead of an error.
  • Documentation links now point to online resources
  • Matt Wall’s Exfoliation theme is now installed by default. You can reinstall the classic theme with “make install-classicui”
  • Downtime delete commands made “distributable” by deleting by host group name, host name or start time/comment (Opsview team)
  • Allow status.cgi to order by “host urgency” (Jochen Bern)
  • Added news items and quick links to main splash page
  • Added ability to authenticate to CGIs using contactgroup name (Stephen Gran)


  • Fixes status.cgi when called with no parameters, where host should be set to all if none specified (Michael Friedrich)
  • Fixes possible validation error with empty hostgroups/servicegroups (Sven-Göran Bergh)
  • Performance-data handling and checking is now thread-safe so long as embedded perl is not used.
  • Children should no longer hang on mutex locks held in parent for localtime() (and similar) calls.
  • Debug logging is now properly serialized, using soft-locking with a timeout of 150 milliseconds to avoid multiple threads competing for the privilege to write debug info.
  • Fixed extraneous alerts for services when host is down
  • Fixed incorrect parsing of multi-line host check results (Jochen Bern)
  • Fixed bug with passive host checks being incorrectly sent to event brokers as active checks
  • Fixed bug where passive host check status updates were not being propagated to event brokers
  • Reverted ‘Fix for retaining host display name and alias, as well as service display name’ as configuration information stored incorrectly over a reload
  • Fixed compile warnings for size_t (Michael Friedrich)
  • Fixed problem where acknowledgements were getting reset when a hard state change occurred
  • Removed duplicated unlinks for check result files with multiple results
  • Fixed race condition on flexible downtime commands when duration not set or zero (Michael Friedrich)
  • Fixed flexible downtime on service hard state change doesn’t get triggered/activated (Michael Friedrich)
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in config.cgi and statusmap.cgi (Stefan Schurtz)
  • Fixed segfault when sending host notifications (Michael Friedrich)
  • Fixed bug where unauthorized contacts could issue hostgroup and servicegroup commands (Sven Nierlein)

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