[Nagios-announce] Nagios Core 3.5.0 Available


Nagios Core 3.5.0 has just been released and can be downloaded from


This release contains an application binary interface (ABI) update.
Existing modules will need to be recompiled to work with this release.

Thanks to all who contributed to the updated code and those who tested the release candidates. Changelog is below.

3.5.0 - 03/15/2013

  • Fixed bug #403: The “configuration” page of the webui doesn’t use entity encoding when displaying the “command expansion” item (Eric Stanley, Phil Randal)
  • Fixed bug #424: Nagios Core 3.4.4 seg fault (core dump) on restart after removing config for running service (Eric Stanley)
  • Updated CGI utility functions to support UTF-8 characters (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug where selecting Command Expansion from Configuration CGI page would display commands instead (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #369: status.cgi crashes with segfault when there are german ulauts (äöüß) in the hostname or the servicename (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #418: Scheduled Downtime Notifications Resent On Nagios Restart/reload (Eric Stanley)

Eric Stanley

Nagios Enterprises, LLC
Email: estanley@nagios.com
Web: http://www.nagios.com