[Nagios-announce] Nagios Plugins 1.4.14 released!


The Nagios Plugin Development Team are proud to announce the latest Nagios Plugins release.

This is a bug fix release, which includes some important fixes to --extra-opts (a way of specifying command line options within files).

Thanks to all the contributors who raised issues or provided patches.

You can get the download from: sourceforge.net/projects/nagiosplug/files/

Full list of changes:
]check_http has options to specify the HTTP method (#2155152)/:m]
]check_users thresholds were not working exactly as documented (>= rather than >)/:m]
]Updated tinderbox_build script to point to new tinderbox server/:m]
]check_ifoperstatus -n flag now works as expected (#1569488)/:m]
]check_ifoperstatus now supports ifType based lookup for ifIndex/:m]
]check_ups now sends a LOGOUT string (debian bug #387001)/:m]
]Extra-opts (C plugins) now allows both ‘#’ and ‘;’ for comments (like N::P)/:m]
]Extra-opts (C plugins) does not allow trailing comments anymore (like N::P)/:m]
]Fixed dependency issue on libtap when ./configure --enable-libtap used. Warning: will install libtap/:m]
]Fixed segfault in extra-opts under some circumstance when reading multiple sections/:m]
]Fix long options parsing in check_disk, check_dns, check_mrtg, check_mrtgtraf and check_tcp/:m]
]Add missing long options for check_nt (for use with extra-opts)/:m]
]check_icmp now reports min and max round trip time perfdata (Steve Rader)/:m]
]Fixed check_http bug where additional headers with redirection caused a segfault (Dieter Van de Walle - 2089159)/:m]
]check_disk: make autofs mount paths specified with -p before we determine the mount list (Erik Welch)/:m]
]Fixed buffer overflow in check_ntp/check_ntp_peer (#1999319, Ubuntu #291265)/:m]
]Re-bundled libtap as a built-in library (–enable-libtap): detects system library as pre-1.4.13 and does not install the built-in library anymore/:m]
]Fixed check_mrtg returning UNKNOWN instead of OK (bug #2378068)/:m]
]Fixed check_http behaviour: all check are now performed as long as a valid response is returned (sf.net #1460312)/:m]
]check_http --onredirect=sticky follows using the same IP address (sf.net #2550208)/:m]
]check_http --onredirect=stickyport also follows the same port/:m]
]Fixed coredump from check_nt when invalid drive is specified (#2179754 - Olli Hauer)/:m]
]Fixed crash from check_nt when -H unspecified or given multiple times (sf.net #2731755, debian #521097)/:m]
]Fixed passing of quotes in OID for check_snmp (#1985230 - Jan Wagner, patch by John Barbuto)/:m]
]Fixed check_http sending HTTP/1.0 with v1.1 headers (#2638765)/:m]
]Fixed check_http not timing-out on redirects/:m]
]Fixed negate not printing the real timeout in ALRM handler when left to default/:m]
]negate timeout result is now configurable/:m]
]Fixed segfault in check_mysql with old slaves (#2696823 - Oskar Ahner)/:m]
]check_nt can return UNKNOWN on timeouts (-u)/:m]
]Fixed typos for check_disk (Chris Pepper)/:m]
]Fixed check_mysql not using password set in my.cnf (#2531905 - Ben Timby) - Specify an empty password explicitly if you need to override it./*:m]
]Fixed awk subst.in/subst script path error (#2722832 - Martin Foster)/:m]
]check_http: Add SSL/TLS hostname extension support (SNI) - (#1939022 - Joe Presbrey)/:m]
]Fixed wrong perfdata label for output traffic in check_mrtgtraf (#2654308 - Gavin Williams)/:m]
]Fixed check_by_ssh interpretation of quotes in -C parameter (#1985246, #2268675)/:m]
]check_snmp now supports standard threshold ranges and doubles (floating numbers) in thresholds/:m]
]check_fping now supports passing target timeout and interval to fping (#2347686 - Martin Foster)/:m]
]Fixed SNMPv3 behaviour of check_ifoperstatus and check_ifstatus. Added -P to define privprotocol (#2343438 - Robin Schroeder)/:m]
]check_ifoperstatus and check_ifstatus are now more user-friendly in case of missing arguments/:m]
]pst3 compile fix for Sun Studio Compiler (Grant Byers)/:m][/list:u]