[Nagios-announce] NDOUtils 1.5 Released

NDOUtils 1.5 has just been released and has a number of performance improvements that will benefit large installs. We ported the speed improvements we made for Nagios XI to NDOUtils and applied an asynchronous DB write patch that ensures monitoring doesn’t fall behind if the database is slow.

You can download the new version of NDOUtils from SourceForge at: … utils-1.5/

More information about NDOUtils can be found on the Nagios Exchange project page: … ls/details

1.5 Changelog

  • Added various performance improvements originally added for Nagios XI (Ethan Galstad)
  • Added asynchronous data spooling to increase performance (andree)
  • Fixed to small es array (Michael Friedrich)
  • Fixed wrong type of object_id in ndo2db_save_custom_variables() (Michael Friedrich)

Thanks to the Nagios team for XI patches, andree for the async patch, and Eric Stanley for making the new release!

  • Ethan Galstad


Great news that NDOUTILS is updated. Unfortunately I can’t get it to work.

Trying to use the new NDO 1.5 with Nagios 2.3.2 and Centreon 2.3.4 and I’m getting problems. Nagios seems to work fien but Centreon reports misinformation -> all services and hosts show as disabled.

NDOMOD v 1.5 seems to load correctly and connect to NDO2DB v1.5:

[1329149926] ndomod: NDOMOD 1.5 (02-03-2012) Copyright (c) 2009 Nagios Core Development Team and Community Contributors [1329149926] ndomod: Successfully connected to data sink. 0 queued items to flush. [1329149926] Event broker module '/usr/local/nagios/bin/ndomod.o' initialized successfully. ... [1329150410] ndomod: Successfully reconnected to data sink! 0 items lost, 165 queued items to flush. [1329150410] ndomod: Successfully flushed 165 queued items to data sink.

When I create debug output for NDO2DB I get no errors and I can see the statements that are being send. I.e.:

This is one of the statements from NDOUTILS v1.4b9:

I can see a small difference: the word INtO (v1.5) and INTO (1.49b). Have no idea if this is an issue.

Instantly after activating the 1.4b9 version Centreon shows the right info again.

Am I missing something? I think the writing to the DB has changed. Or am I wrong? Help very much appriciated.


Looks like the new ndoutils 1.5 no longer writes to db tables nagios_hosts and nagios_services.