Nagios.cfg help - unknown varibles


I am trying to configure the latest version of nagios (3.0b7) and I believe I have configured my hosts and services and all that correctly but when I try to start nagios I get an error from the nagios.cfg file telling me that the object_cache_file variable is unknown. Doesn anyone know why this is happening? I tried creating the file in the /usr/local/nagios/var/ directory but still get the same error. From what I understand nagios is supposed to create this file when it stops and read it when it starts back up again. But why does it say it is an unknown variable?

The file is supposed to be called objects.cache


Have you typed correct path to the objects.cache file in the nagios.cfg file? What distribution of Linux are you running?


Does your nagios.cfg comes from an older version ? (maybe this variable has been removed ?).

Also, I’ve tried putting this variable in comment, and nagios doesn’t complain … so try to get of it :slight_smile: