Nagios continuous host up email notify


Hi all,
I’m new in nagios and I recently configured for monitor our windows servers,
but I don’t know why I receive continuous host up update with the notify system.
I only want to be updated if the systems change status UP->DOWN and DOWN->UP.

Can you guys help me?

Thanks a lot


I think you want to take a closer look at your notifications_options. You could have these set up incorrectly. Check out xodtemplate.html in your docs directory. It has the definitions for the options.


I’m using Oreon for configuring nagios and my configuration opition in nagios are in:
configuration->services by host
configuration->service by host group

which of these i have to configure?
which of these over stand the other?
What about Flapping options?Is the one that check if a host/service change status UP->DOWN and DOWN->UP?

(excuse me for my bad english…)