Nagios couldn't work?



I installed Nagios, the Nagios completely after the official website of official documents. I started again, httpd, and it does not have no problem. I checked the configuration of Nagios (such as / usr / local / Nagios to / bin / Nagios - the first V / usr / local / Nagios in the / etc / nagios.cfg), it does not have no problem.

However, I want to restart the Nagios for Nagios, but does not start (ps, the Anglo-French | Rinderpest Eradication of Nagios).

If my / etc / init.d / Nagios status:

Error: Process ID list must follow the phosphorus

If I am in the web interface, I even my login name and password to me, but if I want to consult the menu, there will be a message:

Not found: The requested URL / usr / local / Nagios in / sbin / tac.cgi status.cgi … was not found on this server.

I have all of the CGI is / usr / local / Nagios in / sbin.

Can you help me?


did you use an internet translation tool? I can’t undesrtand what the problem is :slight_smile: