Nagios data

i’m making web page (on the same server where nagios is installed) which will collect informations about our network, so i’m wondering could i somehow import nagios data (ie. host list, status and stauts information) and format them in the way i want.

i would like to get something like (in html)

table-----1----- table-----2----- table-----3-----
…nagios data… .other.appdata …app3 data…


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It might be possible, but the possibilities for the amount of information nagios is capable of collecting might be a bit too much to try and fit in just one table. I don’t know how you’d go about trying to do it, but I thought I’d mention that it just seems a bit much.
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well, i would like (for now) to collect only data about ping status…

hmm… it could propably be possible if make some sort of parser that parses status.dat file and collect’s information you need or collect performance data to some other file and parse that file.

These are just a thougts

If you are using v1.2 and mysql, writing queries to find all the “ping” checks, displaying the host for each, shouldn’t be all that hard. Parsing the files would be tuffer. Have fun, but is it worth it? Making graphs with nagiostat would show you the ping stats for a year or even 5 years in a nice display for that host.