Nagios, Debian and boot

Dear all,
I’m just having a little trouble working out how to start nagios at boot.
I’ve done the make install-init … but I’m not sure how to get it to call the script at boot time - or what ever needs to be done.

Can anyone give me some advice please?

the init scripts are used to start or stop services.

The start up’s are in your rcx.d directories.
Create a softlink to the above nagios file.
ls -la /etc/rc3.d/
The above will show you the startups that you have now.
anything with a Capital S will be a START, and if it has a Capital K, it will be a kill or STOP on the way down.
If you are using something like CentOS or Redhat, you can type
system-config-services and add “nagios” to the startup, if it’s not listed in the list of services.