Nagios Error Logs?


Hello Nagios Experts,

I am somewhat new to nagios and made some corrections and now nagios will not restart. It was working and I just got email notifications working and now this, good thing i like troubleshooting :wink: .

Where can one find the error log files that can help me troubleshoot where I went wrong, Thanks!


Try using the Nagios configuration verification option.

/path/to/nagios -v /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg

Any errors that stop Nagios from starting will be reported here.


Thanks will give it a try. in the meantime i was able to go back over my tracks and undo some of my cleanup. during my trial and error of getting nagios up and running I had installed different versions and was doing some cleanup. Even though I had uninstalled previous versions there were still left over folders/files that I wanted deleted/removed. Will be careful of what you rename or try to delete or it can bring your system down. Thanks for the help either way!