Nagios Exclude host from network health status


Hi there,

as we (2 people:) are a provider of wireless internet (2.4GHz), we use Nagios for monitoring our network. We aren’t monitoring only our “hot-spots”, I mean Access Points, but also our clients to have the information about their response (pings).
When the clients go offline (e.g. they turn off their PC/AP), it shows as “Host down problem” and it also affects the “Host / Service health status”. Is there a way to exclude some of the hosts form the overall status check? I mean to have information about their pings when they’re online but not to affect the “network health status” when they’re offline.

Your help would be VERY much appreciated.

Thanx, Mark
Network administrator


What I would do is setup authentication. Then put all of these hosts in a hostgroup called clients. By logging into nagios website as a user that is not a contact for the hostgroup “clients”, I would therefor see nothing related to clients, and my health status screen would be clean. If I wanted to see “all” then login using one that has all hosts that I am a contact for.

Other than that, no, you can’t tell nagios “hey, this host is down, so exclude it from the health status”. That would go against everything that nagios is supposed to be for.