Nagios Fedora 10 RPM

Does anyone know what parameters were used to compile nagios on Fedora ? Right now the latest RPM’s are 3.0.5 and i’d like to use 3.1.0 but I dont want to change all the paths from the fedora rpm to the default source install (Fedora people are always keen on changing all the paths with every release :roll: ).

How do I partition my HD on my laptop so that I can create a dual-boot Fedora / Windows XP.? I have a compaq presario r 3000 with Windows XP Pro on a 60GB main drive. How do I create a partition so that I can create a dual-boot Fedora / Windows setup?

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What has this to do with Nagios? :-/ You’d better try asking in a fedora forum…

Any particular reason why you want to switch to 3.1.0? if not stay where you are until the RPM is released… (or consider it as a good reason to switch over to correct paths :smiley: )

Is there no description in the RPM package README as to what paths have been used?

What is the best secure Hard Drive diagnostic tool under Fedora 9? I need a good tool that works under fedora 9 for isolating or moving some bad sectors from one of my hard drive partition. It does not matter if it is an online or offline tool. Thanks in advance.

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