Nagios from email address

hello all…

forgive me if this is a stupid question, but where do you set the email address that the nagios alerts come from?

at the moment mine come from [email protected] how do i change this?



I’m not sure whether or not there is a way to change it. I think the default is <nagios_user>…I don’t think it’s an issue with Nagios; I think it’s something set by the mail command, because whenever I send a message to an e-mail address from the root account on my Nagios box, the address shows up as [email protected]

This is a sendmail issue, and I found it very complex myself to change it. Soo, unless you are great with sendmail, or wish to read alot and figure out how to alias, then I’d suggest to live with it. You could modify the nagios email command and put in a “Reply to:” line.

Thanks for the help, I am using qmail… will poke around.