Nagios frontend for multiple nagios servers?


Does anyone know if there is a program or plugin available to combine the status screen, etc of 3-4 nagios servers on to one common display?

I have a few different nagios servers at different sites and want to keep them where they are, but be able to view all the devices, status, etc from one web interface.

Any ideas?



I’d probably use the ndoutils to output it all to a central database and then use some frontend that works against the database.
Another route is to setup distributed monitoring and passively submit all checks to a central server which has the web frontend.


I’ve started to do the distributed method. I haven’t found any dashboard/GUI yet that will display from a database populated by the ndoutil. I am using that feature to dump it to MySQL for NPC use w/cacti but I was looking for more of a full screen dashboard type view of everything. I’m trying to find a doc on the database format to see if it would be easier to maybe piece something together to read from the database and display just the status information on a wallboard, etc with none of the extra fluff.


I have the same need.
We have some customer that want to have a web interface to monitor his network, but we need to integrate all customers on our “central” Nagios server.
Any Idea?