Nagios Grapher v1.6.1-rc5 interval



The default interval time for Nagios Grapher is 5 minutes.
I tried to figure out how to change the interval time to 1 minute but for some reason i can’t find it anywhere.
The MRTG statistics tell me that it runs every each whole five minutes (10:00 10:05 10:10 etc and not 10:08 10:13 10:18 etc) so i think it is run or scheduled by a deamon.There is no deamon or cron found on my system that tells me that interval of 5 minutes or 300 seconds.

Can anyone please tell me how to adjustthis time?

Kind regards.


is the nagios check running every minute?
if yes you have to change the rrd values… can be quite a pain… and you could loose the data you already collected.

man rrdtool 

THis would be to change a standard rrd file… not sure if nagiosgrpaher has some sort of extra config by itself… that could mmake things easier (or more difficult)