Nagios images are not showing


Installed Nagios 1.3 + the 1.4.2 plugins. Had no problems. Modified Apache for Nagios and then restarted Apache with no errors. Ran nagios -v nagios.cfg. No errors. Started the nagios processes. No problems. Went to the nagios page servername/nagios and that works fine. The problem is when I click on any of the options like Service Detail, etc… the pages come up with all the right data, BUT none of the graphics show up. What would cause this type of problem?


This is probably due to your user account not being listed in all of the required groups in /usr/local/nagios/etc/cgi.cfg.

One of my colleagues had the same problem recently. All of us were able to see all the graphics, but he wasn’t. We added him to all of the “allow” groups in cgi.cfg and the problem was gone.

I meant the “authorized for” entries, not the “allow” entries.


I think what he means, is he doesn’t see any of the “unknown.gif” files, or other icon files.
If so, then change the permissions on the files in share/images so that they are available to apache. 664 should be ok.