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Hi guys…

I’ve installed nagios 3.0.6 on my debian machine and am monitoring several linux ans windows machines. My problem is as follows;

let say i have four machines machine1-machine4. I want to attach a logo with the machine i am monitoring, so that when i check on the web interface i can know which machine is windows and which one is linux. I’ve seen this on several websites but am not able to get it working.

can anyone help please.


There are two images you can set for each device; icon_image & statusmap_image. The former usually a .png and the latter usually .gd2 (although you can use .pngs if you can stand the performance hit). Make sure they’re 8-bit .pngs not 24-bit or you’ll find the images look crappy.

Copy the images you want to /usr/local/nagios/share/images/logos/

In the .cfg file for the device, add the icon_image and/or statusmap_image entries with the filenames of the images you want to use.

In my case I have icon_image images for Windows, Linux, ESX, Hardware Devices & a couple of custom ones for unique devices.



Here is what i did. In your template.cfg, you might have section for winowds and linux. In the host define section add line as this :

icon_image linux.png (linux.png is the icon file for the linx hosts)

similarly , for your windows do the same

icon_image windows.png (windows.png is the icon file for windows host

Save the template.cfg file

Then, you need to upload those two files in right place and right size. here is the location

PS: check out the other file size in that location then make your icon image as similar to that size.

Hope this helps.