Nagios mail notifications


Hello, I am having some trouble with nagios e-mail notifications. I have nagios 3.0 and Ubuntu 7.1.0. Nagios is running great except for my notifiactions. I had to install sendmail to get them working and they did work for about 3 weeks now all of the sudden they just quit working. I tried doing a mail -s test to my own email address and it appears to go through ok because no error are logged except I don’t receive the mail. I tried sending a custom notification from nagios as well but got nothing in my mail box. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


We had the same problem some days ago… I just think we restarted the MTA and then my mailbox got about 800 mails of warnings that had been queued up.


I restarting the MTA and their was no change. I am still uable to recieve mail. Any other ideas.


I have the same problem. You decided it?