Nagios maintenance mode



Is there any way, by plugins etc., to put a client into maintenance mode from the client? For example, let’s say I manually recycle an application once a week and on that day prior to the recycle I would like to put the monitoring into maintenance mode so I don’t receive the paging alerts. Can it be done?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


FROM the client? no…not unless you have web access to your nagios server.
The only way to put a host into maintenance mode is via the nagios web interface (which just throws data at nagios.cmd), or by manually throwing data into nagios.cmd on your nagios server (ssh access from the client?).

You could set up timeperiods to not check that service on certain days/times, but that’s only if you’re consistently recycling this application at a certain time of the week. You can look that up here on page 223:

If you dont have web access but do have SSH, you can echo stuff into nagios.cmd, check out this page: … ndlist.php
and scroll down tot he “SCHEDULE_…” section