Nagios Monitor asterisk server


Has someone a script to check if asterisk is running?

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You mean something like this? … 8.html;d=1


Yes indeed, but that file is corrupt.


There are a handful of asterisk scripts on nagiosexchange. … 2.html;d=1 … 4.html;d=1

If you just want to know if the proc is running, write a simple shell script with a ps -ef and a grep, or use the check_proc plugin that comes with the nagios plugins package.


Most of the asterisk plugins on nagiosexchange are corrupt.
So i wrote a little script to test if the status of the service. Works also for me.

t=/etc/init.d/$service status
if echo “$t” |grep -q running; then
echo "OK - $service service is running."
exit 0
echo "Critical - $service service is stopped."
exit 2