Nagios - Monitoring a Tacacs process on the local machine


I have used google exhaustivly to no avail.

I am trying to monitor a Tacacs service on Ubuntu and nagios 3.0

Please could some one assist with the script needed to make this work.


Is there a specific port that your TACACSD service is listening on? If so, you could add your own command that uses the check_tcp command. Sure, this won’t check whether your TACACSD service is running properly, but it will check if the port responds nicely.


there is (or was) a check_tacacs plugin around… try googling for it :wink:


There was one reference to check_tacacs that now goes to a dead page.

BUT I had never thought of the tcp one.
Set this up on port 49 and works a treat, when tacacs is down I get a connection refused which is exactly what I want.

Thank you for your help.