Nagios never returning from hard state


I’ve just recently discovered this issue in our nagios installation:

A host (with no services) goes down. It remains in 1/10 HARD state, does not page, and does not trigger the event script associated with it. When the host comes back up, it REMAINS in 1/10 HARD state, even though nagios shows it to be ok.

I’ve found several postings on this forum that seem to be similar, but none of them has solved this issue. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?


Could be if your host template isn’t setup right it’s not set to retry. Check your check_interval and retry_interval for the host template you use.

Here is a link to the version 3 doc on this.


No that couldn’t be it-all the other hosts (and there are at least 30 others) use the same template and don’t have this issue.