Nagios not checking services when I tell it to


Hi there,

I have two nagios systems set up. One monitors about 30 nodes, the other monitors about 90 nodes.

The problem is nagios does not seem to be checking the nodes IE PING etc in the intervals I set it to!

IE below my interval is set to 60

max_check_attempts 3
normal_check_interval 3
retry_check_interval 1

Given that it should be checking the service every 3 mins! yet on the detailed status screen half my nodes are showing they were last checked hours ago!

What gives? am I missing something obvious?


Host Status Details For All Host Groups Last Check 07-22-2005 16:27:24 which is about 2 days for me also.

Since you didn’t tell us which detailed status screen, I’m going to assume that it’s the same one that I pasted. You see, hosts are not checked on a regular basis with v1.2. They are only checked when a service check fails. Really, what’s the point of checking a host, if the service check is good?